Public Works
Appropriate infrastructure can improve living conditions.  Installation of ground wells, rain tanks, the construction of irrigation systems for farmers, building of public toilet facilities for the rural villages.
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Only through education are the poor able to break free from the cycle of poverty. By building schools, funding scholarships, uniforms, and books, we provide opportunities for the youth to create better futures for themselves
Medical Care
We have built a number of medical clinics, given the gift of sight through funding of cataract surgeries, sponsored emergency lifesaving medical procedures, and built loving houses customized for the disabled.
Food, Shelter & Basic Necessities
We distribute rice, clothing and blankets for warmth and  constructed insulated housing where once there were tent homes. 
Haiti Mission Trips
This beautiful island country is continually beset with natural disasters.  She is resilient but always in desperate need of support from the international community.  We sponsor mission trips yearly to bring supplies where needed.
Local Needs of Miami
We can help across the world then we should be able to help our own community.  Locally we focus on the youth,  sponsoring afterschool programs and providing equipment for learning centers that serve the underprivileged.
Brighter Days For Those In Need